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The Green Shed
Give A Can

The Green Shed

The Green Shed is a private company that is contracted to manage both of Canberra’s public reuse facilities.

The Green Shed and OzHarvest are combining forces again to create an ongoing RECYCLING of CANS, PLASTIC and GLASS BOTTLES initiative across Canberra. This is an ongoing commitment by the Green Shed and it will bring OzHarvest money it desperately needs to continue to grow and help our local community.

The Green Shed employs over 75 people and diverts around 8,000 tonnes of waste per year from going into landfill. The Green Shed also donates over 25% of profits each month to support and advance charities and organisations doing great work within and around the ACT.

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Give A Can

The goal of this initiative which we are calling GiveACan, is for individuals, drink vendors, clubs, pubs and venues to collect and return these recyclables to us and with the money raised from this.

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